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Instruction Manuals

BackPacker Air Tripod Kits | Download PDF (7.16MB)
RoadTrip Air & GlobeTrotter Air Tripod Kits | Download PDF (7.99MB)
WalkAbout Air Monopod | Download PDF (3.00MB)

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DayTrip Classic | Download PDF (2MB)
BackPacker Classic, RoadTrip Classic, and GlobeTrotter Classic | Download PDF (1.3MB)
WalkAbout Classic | Download PDF (960KB)

Replacement Parts

Service Information

Limited Warranty

Your MeFOTO product has been carefully manufactured. It has passed many quality assurance checks and has been thoroughly tested before shipment. If your product was bought new by you in the USA it is warranted by us for 3 years from your date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. By registering online, your warranty is extended 2 years, for a total of 5 years. The warranty does not apply to damages caused by mishandling, dropping, or leaking batteries, nor modification or servicing performed by others.

For Canadian residents, please contact: [email protected]

Requesting Service

MeFOTO products purchased in the USA requiring service may be sent through your local authorized dealer or directly to the MeFOTO Service Department. International Shipping is not covered under warranty service. Products must be carefully packed and insured, and sent together with a description of your problem and details on the best method to contact you. If you are requesting Warranty Service, then proof of purchase (copy of dated bill of sale) must be included. After we receive and evaluate your product, we will contact you to discuss your service options.

We offer personal assistance in the USA via e-mail and phone. We will respond to email promptly during the business week, Monday ~ Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time. 

To check on an order [email protected] 914.347.3301
To inquire about a return [email protected] 914.347.5407
For technical support [email protected] 914.347.3302
For service and repairs [email protected] 914.345.5426
To order replacement parts [email protected] 914.345.5414

Where To Send Products for Service:

MAC Group 
MeFOTO Service Department
75 Virginia Road
North White Plains, NY 10603
Fax: 800-321-2205

Repaired equipment is subject to a 90-day limited warranty, covering only re-repair if necessary and not consequential damages.

The foregoing warranties are exclusive and are in lieu of all other warranties, whether written, oral or implied. There is no warranty of merchantability in any respect other than expressly stated above and no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. MeFOTO shall in no event be liable for losses, direct or consequential damages, or inconvenience caused by the failure or malfunction of this product.

For service outside of USA, please contact your local authorized distributor for support at