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Family photos are such a gift, and you’ll be so happy you have them when you look back, even though they may be chaotic and stressful at times. One of the secrets to making your pics appear joyful and timeless is to select matching clothing for the whole fam squad. Here are some of the best family picture outfits to try if you feel stuck!

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7 Tips For Deciding What To Wear For Family Pictures

Think About The Concept

It’s time to prepare and think through what to dress for your family photo session when you schedule it. Avoid choosing your clothes at the last minute since it will make you hurried and may cause issues if any of your family members outgrow them.

Choose Family Portrait Color Schemes

Not every member of your family needs to wear the same clothes or colors when organizing a color plan for your family portrait. Simply picking complementary tones or the same colors in various shades may help you prevent conflicts. 

You may allow each person’s uniqueness to come through while coordinating a solid color scheme. This will make the pictures more interesting. You wouldn’t want everyone in the photos wearing the same old blue jeans and white tee, would you?

Here are some of the best colors for family pictures you can consider:

  • Neutral colors: Neutral color palettes can go with nearly everything and are very easy to mix and match. Some popular options are grey, off-white, taupe, cream, etc.
  • Pastel colors: These softer color palettes are on trend right now! You can apply them to get a soft, special touch to your family photos.
  • White and tan: This combination works best for beach-themed pics. Depending on your preference, you can also use other muted colors like sage, olive green, mustard, muted teal, etc.

Add Accessories

Accessories are a great way to liven up an ensemble and give your photographs flair and intrigue. While you don’t want these accessory items to overshadow your family’s gorgeous features, they may add something more to your clothing choices and family photographs. Some ideas are a statement necklace, a scarf, a watch, earrings, and bracelets.

Not Too Much Patterns

Choosing patterns for family portrait attire may provide splashes of color and make the photos appear more distinctive. Still, you should be cautious about selecting too many designs and avoid ones that will conflict.

In our experience, the ideal method for including patterns is to choose only one patterned garment. Next, organize the ensembles of all the others based on the patterned one. The pattern will serve as guidance when choosing complementary colors for each person to wear.

Add Clothing Collection

Clothing collections are like uniforms for families. This is the easiest way to get matching, adorable outfits without worrying too much about designs, styles, and colors. These color-coordinating collections for boys, girls, men, and women in all sizes are available at some businesses, particularly internet merchants.

Don’t be scared to gather all the costumes and locate a place in the store to lay them all out while you’re in-store shopping for collections. Making sure you choose complementary clothing is ensured by spreading out all the outfit choices while you’re at the store.

Think About The Background

A tip to get perfect pictures is to think about where the family picture session will take place and observe the background. If you are aware of the textures, patterns, and colors of the background, it will be easier to decide what your family will wear.

In addition, it is important to ensure the setting doesn’t distract from the most important element of the picture, which is your family. Make sure your family picture attire doesn’t interfere with the surroundings.

Play With Textures

Textures may enhance the appearance of your family picture ensembles, just like accessories do. Photographs of families taken with various textiles, such as leather boots, blue denim, and cotton or wool sweaters, may produce a cozy atmosphere. Try experimenting with different textures while choosing your attire for the family portrait to see how they appear together.

12 Best Outfits For Family Photos

Spring Outfit Ideas

1. Floral Outfits

Floral Outfits

It looks fantastic to dress in vibrantly colored flowery attire for a springtime family photo shoot. Another way to dress in flowers is to have one person wear a flowery blouse and the others carry vivid flowers in solid complementary colors.

2. Hiking Outfits

Hiking Outfits

If you enjoy being outside, choose hiking-themed clothing for your family. Don’t forget to pack trekking essentials like compasses, walking sticks, and binoculars.

3. Spring Dresses

Spring Dresses

Light-colored dresses can be paired with colorful parasols or kites to provide some vibrancy. When girls and boys dress in flowy dresses, males may match their accessories by pairing a solid-colored shirt with a pair of khaki or beige pants.

Summer Outfit Ideas

1. Picnic Outfits

Picnic Outfits

Summer is great for picnic trips! Get everyone dressed for a family portrait so the clothing complements the picnic snacks they brought. For this idea, bright, vibrant colors are spot-on!

2. Camping Outfits

Camping Outfits

Similar to the picnic idea, you can try matching your outfits to the surroundings. It will be entertaining to add accessories such as camping equipment, pots and pans, and large camping chairs.

3. Beach Outfits

Beach Outfits

We can’t go wrong with beach-themed family photos in the summer. Wearing vibrant colors and toting balls, beach toys, and other beach-themed items are ideal for this. Maxi dresses are recommended for moms and daughters, while dads and sons can go with jeans or shorts.

Fall Outfit Ideas

1. Fishing Outfits

Fishing Outfits

This idea works best for big families, so bring grandpa and grandma! Put on your best fishing gear and accessorize with nets, tackle boxes, and fishing poles to make memorable, creative family picture costumes. You can get creative with the outfits; just be sure to pair them with boots or fishing shoes and even a fishing vest!

2. Fruit Picking Outfits

Fruit Picking Outfits

Harvesting time! Wearing trousers and flannel shirts with amusing accessories like baskets and bushels is one way to look put together. Think of overalls and wide-brimmed hats! Both warm and cool colors work fine.

3. Halloween Outfits

Halloween Outfits

The kids will surely love this idea as they can dress up as their favorite characters. For this idea, you can let your creativity go wild as you can wear everything, as long as the wardrobe choices match the same theme. Black, red, and orange are your safest bet.

Winter Outfit Ideas

1. Holiday Outfits

Holiday Outfits

Organize your family’s photo attire around traditional holiday hues to add a celebratory vibe. Winter whites, silver and blue, green and red, gold and silver, or any combination of complementary hues are popular color schemes during the holidays.

2. Cooking Outfits

Cooking Outfits

Love begins from the kitchen! So why not try this family picture outfit idea for your next family photos? You can try with many accessories like aprons and chef hats, combined with wooden spoons, mixing bowls, and other kitchen tools to make the pics even more fun!

3. Winter Gear Outfits

Winter Gear Outfits

Putting out family picture attire, including winter clothing, may be enjoyable if you live in a place where you can go outside for a snowy photo session. Outfits with big bright-colored coats, caps, scarves, snow boots, etc., would be perfect. Notice to avoid wearing white so the subjects in the photos won’t blend into the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Wear Black In Family Photos?

Technically, it’s okay. However, we still recommend you not wear black, as this hue tends to be rather flat in photos and doesn’t photograph well. You can have a hint of black, but not too much to draw all the attention.

What Patterns Should You Not Wear On Camera?

Steer clear of busy or distracting patterns like checks, herringbone, or stripes. We want to attract people’s attention upward to your face in a photo, so don’t let tight and loud patterns steal all the shine.

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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, these ideas and tips can help you out. While your outfits don’t have to be elaborate, they should seem more put together than your typical t-shirt and leggings. Plan your outfits carefully to get the best pics to restore happy memories with your loved ones!

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