How Many Pictures Can An 8GB Card Hold?

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With photography becoming increasingly digitized and high-resolution images becoming the norm, understanding the storage capacity of your memory card is more crucial than ever. 

8 GB Memory Card

In this article, we’ll explore the factors influencing the number of photos an 8GB card can hold. From resolution to file formats, we’ll provide insights and practical tips to help you maximize your storage space. 

How Many Pictures Does An 8GB card hold

The number of photos an 8GB SD card can hold depends on factors like image resolution, file format, and the complexity of the photo content. On average, it could store around 2,288 JPEG images at 10MP resolution or 220 RAW images.


JPEG is a common photo format. It compresses photos, making them easy to share, but this can sometimes reduce quality. With a 10-megapixel camera, each JPEG photo is around 3MB. 

So, on an 8GB card, you can store about 2,288 photos. But if you have a higher resolution camera, like 22 megapixels, each image takes up more space so that you can fit fewer on the card.

MegapixelsSize (MB)Number Of Photos

RAW Files

An 8GB memory card can store around 222 RAW images based on a 10-megapixel camera with an average RAW file size of 30MB. However, with a higher resolution camera, like 22 megapixels, the card will hold approximately 100 RAW images due to the larger file sizes.

MegapixelsFile size (MB)Number Of Photos

How to Determine The Number Of Pictures An 8GB Can Hold

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To check how many photos an 8GB memory card can hold on your camera:

  • Check Camera Display: All cameras have an integrated counter that shows the number of remaining images on the card. Insert the new 8GB card and observe the display to see how many photos it can store.
  • Adjust Settings: Some cameras provide RAW and JPEG formats, while others offer options from Small to Large. You can adjust the resolution and file format in the camera menu to see how they affect the quantity of pictures displayed.
  • Review Existing Photos: If the card has already stored some photos, tap on the Play button to view the last image. The display should indicate the image’s number, such as “89/300,” meaning it’s the 89th picture and you have 211 photos left.

To calculate memory card usage using a computer:

  • Connect to Computer: Due to formatting, an 8GB memory card doesn’t have the full 8GB available. Sync the card with your computer using a compatible reader and check its details to see the available storage space.
  • Capture Test Photos: Captures some images of different subjects, including some in RAW (if the camera supports it) and others in JPG.
  • Check File Sizes: Reconnect the SD card with your computer and review the file sizes of those photos. This will help you establish an average size of each format, allowing you to estimate how many photos the card can hold.

What Influences The Number of Pics?

Drawing from years of collective experience, we’ve garnered insights into the factors influencing the size of image files.

Firstly, an image’s resolution directly impacts its size. Higher-resolution images, like those with more intricate details, necessitate more storage space.

Additionally, the file format plays a crucial role. Some formats, such as JPEGs, compress data to reduce file size, while others, like RAW files, retain all original data, resulting in larger files.

Compression levels further affect file size. Think of a photo you’ve edited and saved multiple times with varying compression levels. Each time you increase the compression level, the file size decreases, but the image quality may diminish slightly.

Color depth is another determinant. Images with a greater depth of color contain more information and consequently require more storage space.

Furthermore, the complexity of image content contributes to file size. Images with intricate details demand more storage capacity. Visualize a photograph of a simple object against a plain background versus a photo of a bustling city street. The city street photograph, with its multitude of details and textures, will have a larger file size due to the complexity of the image content.

How Much 1080p Video Can An 8GB SD Card Hold?

With the main storage being an 8GB non-removable flash media, you can expect to store approximately 88 minutes of video at the highest quality and up to 533 minutes at the lowest quality.

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Understanding the capacity of your 8GB memory card is key for great photography. We’ve shared loads of info, from resolutions to file formats, to help you make the most of your card.

Don’t forget to try new things and keep learning as you take photos. With these tips, you’ll be ready to snap tons of memories and let your creativity shine. Wishing you lots of incredible shots!

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